A calendar app for students by students.
Finally, a good time management tool for students to manage every aspect of their lives in and out of school.

Google Calendar logo
Google Calendar

We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here. Mergi uses Google Calendar as its base calendar as an awesome default to start with.

LMS Integrations

Mergi takes the Learning Management Systems (LMS) that your school already uses, and integrates it into YOUR calendar. All of your due dates and deadlines all in the same place.

Syllabus Scanner

Mergi scans your syllabus to pull out all of your important due dates and deadlines to put them into your calendar, and create an wholistic to-do list to keep you on track all semester.

More Features

We're starting out with this strong set of base features. But we want to create intuitive, innovative, and valuable features build specifically to help make your student experience easy-breezy lemon squeazy.

Why make another calendar app?
  • Roughly 18 million students attend college in the U.S.
  • There is another 17 million highschool students in the U.S.
  • "86% of US college students report difficulty with time management while 54% experience increased stress due to poor time management practices"
So many students, including ourselves, have difficulty managing time. There is no one good tool to manage all the aspects of our lives as students. We have to use tools from our school to manage assignments and our own calendars to manage our personal time.
We know there's better way.
Give us a try?